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Journalism Hits A New Low

“A free press is not only a right, and not only a privilege, but an organic necessity in a great society.”

Time and again the ‘free and fair’ media has found itself standing in the dock, for its shameless breach of ethics and morals of journalism. The 2010 Nira Radia tapes shook the nation while exposing the lies and deceit of a game often played behind closed doors. A prominent figure in the media, Barkha Dutt, was accused of lobbying between the DMK and Congress for installing the then telecom minister(now accused) – A Raja.

Now, a man being accused of swindling 9000 crores of depositor’s money and stashing over 300 crores of it in offshore accounts, is pointing a finger and reminding the media bosses of the ‘favours’ taken by them during the good times. With these accusations and counter accusations, we are forced to ponder – are we living in a society where we only get to know what the media wants us to know? Has the time for regulating the media finally come, to protect the common man from feeling like a puppet in this grand circus of power, politics and journalism? Don’t we, as citizens, have the right to ‘transparency’?

To mention a few out of many – the communal riots in Malda & Purnia, floods in Chennai, suicide of T. Abinath of Sairam Engineering College etc. are proof of selective journalism. That the mainstream media houses only show that, which benefits their viewership, their profits, their TRP and in most cases, their friends in the government.

     The nation asks today, can corporate interference and vested interest of media bosses be kept out of journalism?


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