Who we are?

We supply information-that-matters to you. Free of cost.

*Information here refers to Politics and latest updates from the Government of India and all the other things that you should know as a responsible citizen of the world’s largest democracy.

Until today, you were fed with information that the media thought is right for you. Now, we take over. Information here is brought to you by responsible journalists who believe in a better future for our country and it’s media. We tell you what they are trying to hide. We spill the beans, and we’re not scared. If you think you have an explosive information with substantial proof, bring it to us.

Take a stand. Be the person you’ve always wanted to be.

what we stand for?

Unbiased and unadultrated information that is a right of every citizen.

Citizens right to know what their government is doing.

Exposing corruption from the grass root level till the top.

Exposing wrong doings/ anti national activities of corporates.

Getting every responsible citizen to participate in nation building through unbiased journalism.